Toddler Workshops

Our toddler classes are designed to follow on from the baby classes, and can lead into the Smarti Kids classes. The toddler sessions are aimed to attract the eyes of the toddler into developing fine motor skills, learning new things such as shapes, colours, words, numbers and a combination. Toddlers will learn the importance of their own imagination along with life skills such as sharing, bonding and patience.


Our toddler classes have been very popular in recent months, so we have expanded our sessions to three times a week. One of the new workshops is on a Saturday which allows dads to come and see their children develop.


Our toddler workshop offer a very similar programme to both the babies and the children. In spite of this, the way the workshop is ran is different. The toddlers have more of a structure as we know toddlers tend to loose concentration after about 45 minutes. The toddler workshops are also designed to develop a wider range of skills of the toddlers, and boost their confidence with communication and the activities.


Our workshop leaders use a lot of positive language, along with giving choices, and providing feedback on the toddler work to help them understand and learn, as well as reading each toddlers body language and facial expressions to have confidence they are happy in what they are doing.

  • My son Noah (aged 2), loves attending the toddler classes at Smarti. The different classes keeps him occupied, allow him to get messy, help improve fine motor skills and also allow him to interact with others his age.
    Shona Baxter