Disability Workshops

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Disability Workshops

Smarti Paints is a craft club for people with disabilities based in a ground floor, open plan workshop easily accessible for all learners. Our workshops are designed to promote independence, improve social inclusion and provide a creative outlet in a safe environment in a fun, achievable way.


All of the workshops are tailor made to suit the needs of each learner and are aimed at 2 hours, but we understand our learners may need this to be shortened to fit in with their learning style. Within the two hours there is a refreshment break which allows learners to socialise within the group. Places are limited to 6 learners per workshop. Some examples of the workshops our learners have participated in have been : cake making, candle making, learning sewing machine skills and making cushions, bunting, aprons.


We pride ourselves on being the only community based organisation in Charnwood that offers a wide variety of workshops that we ae able to tailor to suit the needs of our learners. As our staff are trained, and have many years’ experience working with a wide variety of disabilities, we know we are able to provide a workshop to suit.


We are able to offer one to one support providng the same workshops but on a one to one basis if that is most suitable. Here we will focus on pushing the learner to achieve what they want to achieve. One of our recent examples, is teaching one learner how to correctly paint. This has provided him with a new hobby and is able to have something to focus on at home that he enjoys.

Community Workshops

We also offer our disability workshops out in the community. This is the heart of the business and where our story began and we are very proud to see this avenue go from strength to strength.

As an enterprise, we are still able to offer our tailor made workshops out in the community. We currently have a few contracts set up where we go out to different community groups throughout the year to deliver these types of workshops. We are able to work with numbers as little as 4 or as large as 35 as we organise the lesson plans around the needs of each learner.

We are able to deliver these classes both in residential homes, community rooms,organisations or individuals. We are able to offer the same style of workshop that we do in our own workshop in Mountsorrel, for example, paper crafts, candle decorating, crochet,knitting, sewing skills and woodwork.

Over the years we have worked with Vista, Mosaic, Freedom Support, WHM farm, Age Concern and elderly groups within local villages.