Childrens Parties

Childrens Birthday Parties

We offer birthday parties for any age group. We customise each party to meet the needs of the birthday child. Our parties follow a simple structure that we feel provides the best birthday experience at Smarti Paints.


On arrival, children are welcomed and staff members explain why the children are at the workshop and explain what activity they will be doing. Upon completing the activity, we ask the children to go to the games area, where we play a few party games. This is a good way for the children to work up an appetite, and we encourage them to be as loud and as enthusiastic as possible. Finally, the children move over to the food and enjoy a nice birthday meal before singing happy birthday and leaving the workshop.


The activities we offer for parties are different to what we offer in the workshop, therefore, if you are interested in having a party with us, please feel free to arrange an appointment with us to discuss your needs for the party. We can cater up to 20 children at one party and have a minimum requirement of 5 children for each party.



Birthday Party Prices

Children’s Craft Party Without Food


Parents are able to bring in the food and drink from home or caterers if desired at no additional charge

Children’s Craft Party With Food


The food included is Sandwiches, Crisps, Fairy Cakes, Fruit Platter and 2 choices of Drinks.