Baby Development Workshops

We understand how important it is for new parents to partake in adult conversation, but also nurture your new baby at the same time. Smarti offers a baby group for new parents and their babies to come together and bond through crafts. Parents are able to speak with other parents who are in similar situations with a new additional to the family.  The babies are able to begin their learning journey by being hands on with a variety of creative activities that can be taken home and used to develop the babies learning.


Our workshops are an hour long, however, we understand that some babies will require nursing in this time, so we are flexible. Within this workshop we aim to make items you can take home and use with your babies such as creative play mats, scented letters and shapes, activity boards, and musical shapes. We aim to focus on different senses for each project that can be used time and time again. Places are limited to 6 babies per workshop.

Baby Sensory

Baby sensory classes are designed for babies over the aged of 4 weeks, who are ready to explore the world. The workshops are an hour a week, although after 45 minutes, babies are usually ready for a nap or a feed.


We have a course of 4 weeks which looks at different sensory items each week for the babies. For example, the first week would be paint. Here babies have 4 options of paint play for them to explore, such as edible paints, painting with ice, finger painting, and babies first painting.


The workshops are designed to have 3 messy weeks and one clean week. This helps babies explore without the hassle of mums having to clean up. All of our workshops are designed for you to be able to take the ideas home and redo the workshop in the comfort of your own home.


Our workshops are ran on the floor where babies are on three fleece blankets so they are warm and comfortable. There is then a cotton sheet over the top which is washed after every section. All of the materials used are edible unless otherwise stated and should you have any allergies we are able to provide the workshops to suit these needs. All materials are sterilised before each workshop, and only cooled boiled water is used for the safety of all babies.

What Clients Say

  • Smarti paints is an amazing place for little babies. I’ve been taking my little girl since she was around 10-11 weeks old and we love it!!
    Over the Christmas period we made keep sakes to look back on in many years to come we’ve also made sensory toys/items……the staff there are so friendly and helpful.
  • Really good my daughter and I  it there handy as only in Mountsorrel but would travel to it even if it wasn’t so local.
    Carla Orton-Frow