About Us

Our Background

Smarti Paints Limited is a self funded social enterprise which was incorporated on 1st July 2013 as a community based project. We spent the first 18 months travelling all over Leicestershire providing craft workshops to learners with a range of disabilities. We teamed up with local organsiations such as VISTA, mosaic, Freedom Support Solutions and Lenord Cheshire to deliver workshops.

Our Aim

Our aim was to provide not only the crafting element for those who may not be able to participate in the standard crafting classes, but to also offer the social inclusion coupled with learning skills such as independence, new ways to craft and of course the added benefit of learning something new.

After 18 months of travelling, Victoria the director entered a national competitor to win a high street shop for a week. After 2 months of waiting, and video submitting, Smarti Paints was selected as one of the 5 finalists out of over 500 National competitors.

Smarti Paints Today

So in July 2014, Smarti Paints travelled to the heart of Bury st Edmunds and traded as a shop from number 14 Hatter Street, Bury St Edmunds. We learned a lot from this competition, and although we didn’t win, our dream was implanted.  From thme on, Victoria went on a mission to find the perfect shop for her to open “the making shop”

We opened our doors for the first time on March 30th 2015 with Victoria being 6 months pregnant, and after only 48 hours of being given the keys to the premises. Our target audience widened and our phyilospahy was adapted.

Currently, we run workshops for “all ages and abilities” and our variety of crafts have extended massively.

Meet Our Staff



I like to learn, I am always keen on trying out new things and looking at better ways of doing things and exploring new avenues.


I have a passion for developing the imagination of people with disabitlies. In an idea world, more disabled people would be able to craft and get involved with our workshops.


Workshop Leader

I have a great affinity with all children and enjoy experimenting with arts and crafts.


I love helping children and the disabled people develop imaginative and creative skills


Craft Volunteer

Crochet, crafts, music, singing, cooking, and baking. I also like balloon modelling and would love to learn face painting


I love to show people who think they can’t crochet that they can with abit of help and guidance


Marketing Volunteer

I like to draw, paint, design and have a keen interest in photography


I have a passion for anything to do with art & design, nature and  technology


One day I would love to be a freelance designer.